The Moldavite Man is a direct importer of Moldavite from the Czech Republic. We obtain our stock from collectors and miners who live in the strewn field areas. This way you are guaranteed of it's authenticity and quality. We only sell Wholesale direct to stores. If you wish to purchase our products, please see our Where to Buy page for Retail locations that carry our products.

We also manufacture all of our own Moldavite products:.

  • Moldavite Oil
  • Moldavite Bath Salts
  • Moldavite Facial Scrub
  • Moldavite Soaps
  • Moldavite Incense
  • Moldavite Candles
  • Moldavite Spray
  • Custom Moldavite Jewelry

NEW for 2015:

  • Moldavite Lotion
  • Moldavite Foot Scrub
  • Moldavite French Clay Mask
  • Moldavite Travel Soap

The Moldavite Man Products all contain actual Moldavite from the Czech Republic incorporated into all of our Moldavite products.